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Our offices in Vero Beach, Port St. Lucie, and Ft. Pierce offer a fun environment for patients of all ages with a relaxed and fun surf theme. Plus, kids, teens, and adults love our Surf Bucks, our patient reward program, which motivates them to maintain excellent oral hygiene, cooperate with elastics, and avoid breakage of braces.

Orthodontics for Children

When should your child see an orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends an orthodontic evaluation for all children at age seven. Dr. Legler feels this age group shows eruption of permanent first molars and incisor teeth so diagnosis of bite abnormalities, spacing, or crowding of teeth is possible. Children at this age may also have habits such as thumb sucking or tongue thrusting that can also be stopped to help the bite develop more normally. Small problems, if corrected early, prevent big problems later on.

Orthodontic treatment of children can be completed in one phase or two phases. Most of Dr. Legler's patients are treated in one phase between the ages of ten and 13. These treatments usually require fixed braces and last about 22 to 24 months. 

If you child exhibits problems at ages seven to nine, two phases of treatment may be necessary. Phase 1 treatment involves procedures to correct habits, jaw growth abnormalities, or space problems. Phase 2 occurs between the ages of 12 and 14 when the remaining permanent teeth have erupted and the adolescent growth spurt is in full swing.

Orthodontics for Teens

At Legler Orthodontics, about one-half of our teen patients wear metal self-ligating In-Ovation® R braces. The other half wear either porcelain (clear) In-Ovation C braces or Invisalign Teen®.

Dr. Legler is the leading teen Invisalign providers in Vero Beach, Ft. Pierce, and Port St. Lucie. He finds that many cases in the teen age group are treatable with outstanding results using Invisalign Teen. Teens are very compliant with aligner wear because they love the aesthetics with their active social and sports lives and can avoid the look of braces. This gives him much more confidence during the active, challenging teen years.  

Keeping Your Teen on Track

Dr. Legler and our staff constantly reinforce with our teen patients their performance with oral hygiene and cooperation with appliances and elastics so that they are fully aware of their progress and whether or not they are on schedule. We find that teens usually tend to be more motivated with oral hygiene and cooperation with appliances because they want to get their braces off as soon as possible!

So many teen patients struggle to meet expectations of parents, teachers, you name it, and we definitely try to motivate through kind words and a positive approach. We want to be a safe space where teens can feel comfortable being themselves.


Orthodontics for Adults

At Legler Orthodontics, 30% of our patients are adults. Not surprisingly, most of our adult patients decide to go through treatment with their kids or get started once their kids have been treated.

Our adult patients often tell Dr. Legler, “I wish I did this years ago! Why did I put treatment off so long?” Your smile is such an important part of your facial appearance. Crowded teeth, collapsed/narrow arches, and protruding teeth can all progressively get worse with age. Just 16 to 20 months of orthodontic treatment with Dr. Legler can reverse this progression and put your teeth in a more aesthetically pleasing and more functionally healthy position.

Treatment Options for Adults

Over the past few years, adults are more frequently choosing Invisalign for their orthodontic treatment. Dr. Legler is an Elite VIP provider treating 100+ cases a year. Many adults who were once told that they were not a candidate for Invisalign are happy to learn that Dr. Legler is able to comfortably treat their case with clear and convenient aligners. When braces are necessary, clear porcelain brackets are an aesthetically pleasing option to metal.

Regardless of what treatment method you choose, in order for your adult treatment to have a successful outcome, consistent wear of aligners or elastics and retainers as directed by Dr. Legler is important.

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